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The Health Sciences & Technologies CIRI is composed by different laboratories carrying out specific activities in an integrated way.
The activities of the laboratory are primarily devoted to the areas of health and quality of life with the aim of developing innovative technological solutions and devices.
Bioengineering Laboratory.
Translational Medicine for Neurological Disorders
Stemwave lab is the place where cells are modeled using, in addition to the usual canonical approaches, new types of forces: magnetic fields, sounds and others...
Laboratory of Functional Genomics and Epigenetics Analysis and molecular diagnosis of the genomic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying inherited disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and leukemias.
Laboratory of materials, nanotechnology and scaffold fabrication & bioluminescent tools on demand. Development of nanofibrous polymeric membranes and scaffolds using electrospinning technology. Development of bioluminescent cell-based assays and whole-cell biosensors for target analytes of pharmacological, environmental and diagnostic interest.
Genomic solutions for health and disease management. Development and application of genomic and genetic tools for health promotion and for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases including oncologic and hereditary diseases.
Nanobiotechnologies and Biosensors Laboratory.
Bioinformatics and computational biology. Annotation of genomic sequences, protein structure prediction, design of databases, development of computational methods aimed to manage and analyze data in order to extract molecular and biomedical information.